Firestone Metro Park Guide

Firestone Metro Park in Summit County, Ohio, is a great place to bird locally, for all species of birds. It has a mixed environment, with various trees, bushes, trails, a river and two small ponds. I was going to bird there this spring, during the height of the warbler migration, but had never been, and didn’t know exactly where to find them, much less get around the park. So I made an acquaintance, and they provided me with some valuable information on where to go…

“Park at the lot by Tuscarawas Shelter, proceed across the bridge over the river then up the (Willow) trail between the river and race, turn right where the trail leads away from the race and goes along the river, keep going through the woods, turn right again where the trail meets the Coventry connector trail then across another bridge and turn right again (Redwing trail) which takes you to the boardwalk (not shown on the map).” The two circled areas are the spots to see warblers!

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