Best bird I’ve managed so far…

Female Painted Bunting

I was fortunate enough to view this little cutie at the home of a very generous Amish couple in north-central Ohio. They were kind enough to open their home to all us birders who came to venerate at their feeders, hoping for a glimpse of this beauty feeding among the corn. They had a guest book, and apparently I was #135 to sign, this being early last week!

She has been hanging out at their feeders now for a few weeks, and many people have been able to make the trip and observe her. The day I got there, I got lucky. Other birders were already there, having waited for over an hour, and the bird was out. My arrival unfortunately spooked her from the feeders, but less than 15 minutes later, there she was! Though not a male, the female Painted Bunting is beautiful nonetheless.

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